Festive atmosphere in our 'Ratsherrenstube'

Our knights banquet will be on the following dates in our Ratsherrenstube:

18.10 & 19.10 / 01.11 & 02.11 / 15.11 & 16.11

Of course you are more than welcomed to join us. 

Amongst different meat servings like crispy pigling, there will be crackling fat, hot bread and plums, red wine sauce, frozen walnut-cows-milk…  and a lot of wine!
You can choose between 3 different 5-course menus - each one tastier than the other!

We hope to welcome a lot of guest at our knights table.

*Rittermahl needs to be consisting of 10 or more people - reservations are necessary

Please make your booking under T. +49-6221-70505 0 or via Mail.