The Hotel zum Ritter St. Georg

Tangible history

The cloth merchant Carolus Belier and his wife Francina built this gabled building with its carved stone, fluted columns and intricately engraved window blocks in 1592. The building takes its name from the bust of the Knight St. George above the gable. The golden letters on the building’s renaissance gable read “Persta invicta, Venus” (“Beauty - may it remain forever undefeated”).

It is not known how many interior renovations have been made during the building’s turbulent history. The building was first mentioned as a inn in 1681. The Hotel zum Ritter St. Georg is the only building to have survived all of Heidelberg’s wars and fires.

As the historical town house with the greatest aesthetic and artistic value, the “Ritter” is a listed building and, together with the castle, Heidelberg’s most photographed attraction.