Alte Brücke / River Neckar

The Karl-Theodor-Brücke (Karl-Theodor Bridge) crosses the River Neckar, which flows from east to west and into the Rhine at Mannheim. Heidelberg residents call it the “Alte Brücke” (Old Bridge). It connects the Old Town with the district of Neuenheim.

The bridge has been rebuilt nine times over the course of history. The current version is made entirely of stone and was built by the Prince Elector Karl Theodor in 1788. A statue of him is located in the middle of the bridge. One of Heidelberg’s landmarks is the Brückentor (Bridge Gate) and its twin towers, which in its original form dates back to the late Middle Ages. The towers were once used as a dungeon or accommodation for the bridge watchman.

If you cross the Old Bridge, you reach the Neuenheim district on the other side of the Neckar, which features imposing villas. Between the houses is the Schlangenweg (Snake Path), which zig-zags its way up to the Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Path).