Philosophers’ Path

The Philosopher’s Path runs along the opposite side of the River Neckar to the Old Town. Its name is justified, as many significant poets, philosophers and poets have been inspired by the scenic beauty of Heidelberg.

The Age of Romanticism began to bud in Heidelberg during a period of national cultural revival in the 19th century. The movement involving the group of Romantics around Achim von Arnim, Clemens Brentano and Joseph von Eichendorff made Heidelberg the epitome of Romanticism.

After the strenuous ascent up the Schlangenweg or the road in Neuenheim, you are rewarded with a picture postcard view of Heidelberg. The very mild climate here means that exotic plants thrive: Japanese knot mistletoe, Spanish broom, Portuguese cherry, lemon and pomegranate, bamboo, palms, pines and almond trees. Everything blooms weeks earlier than in the valley.